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Sirius-D Intense- Food Supplement for Tissue and Organs Restore

Price: 60.00лв.
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Sirius D Intense is a product with the highest concentration of active ingredient among all Sirius D products. It stimulates the imune system and boosts the vermiculation. It's very effective as a recovery treatment after surgery or heavy chemical treatments. Due to the new formula, the product is suitable for people with sensitive stomach and even for children.

The conjuctive tissue which is over 50% of the human body degenerates over time. Sirius-D not only helps maintain healthy conjuctive tissue but also helps regeneration, by removing scar tissue, formed by injuries, operations, cuts, bacterial and autoimmune processes, radiation damage, etc. The organism recognizes the scar tissue as normal but this tissue is not functional and leads to the deterioration of health. Sirius-D improves the micro vascularization by increasing the concentration of fibroblasts and improves the elasticity of connective tissue.

Natural food products, linear modified proteins, polyamino glycans and nutrients.There are no preservatives and additives with non-beneficial effect. Derived from water-soluble animal-based proteins turmeric, cinnamon.

0,25g for every 1kg body mass, but not more than 30 g a day. One spoon is about 5g.
Mix Sirius-D with a bit of milk, juice, water or another liquid and take even dosage in the morning and in the evening, one hour before meals.

Sirius-D is a registered product in the Ministry of Health, created by prof. Dimitar Dimitrov, under registration license N 02107-99 from 21.09.1999.

This product is a food supplement.