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AD Medicine is a producer of the diet liquid supplements, made using the unique “Advanced Liqiud Technology”-ionized colloidal micro-environment, which allows mixing in colloidal solution not only minerals but also extracts of medicinal plants, vitamins and nutrients. Colloidal solutions are superior way to deliver the essential materials like vitamins, minerals, nutrients and herbs in a most useful and reasonable form, and maintain the bio-availability of the product while providing superior assimilation and results as far as pharmaceutical quality and precision.

Effectiveness Colloidal supplements are already designed in a form that the body can assimilate quickly and very effectively with their small particle size and pure liquid medium.

Bio-availability As suspensions are already dissolved they do not require stomach acid to break down compounds and excipients of most powders, pills and tablets. The nutrients are immediately absorbed by the body and utilized in the most effective(up to 98,6%) way possible.

Absorption It has been well known for specialists that colloidal solutions are easier for the body to absorb and are generally milder to the stomach than pills or tablets.

Our manufacture is based in the U.S., California.

We produce our brilliant colloidal supplements under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) as required and regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation. As well as we follow Standard Operating Procedures in the Manufacturing and Quality Assurance for all our products.

At the moment we offer 19 colloidal solutions: AngiOmega, Anti-Oxidant, Arthro Complex, Broncholine, Brain Booster, Beauty Natural, Cardio Support, Detox, Female Active Complex, For Kids, Gastro Complex, Immune Support, Male Active Complex, Mental Comfort, Nephro Complex, Rheoton Complex, Osteo Complex, Sugar Balance, Visio Complex.

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